How to disable t9 on Android?

T9 is a predictive typing system for mobile phones, which got its name in honor of the expression Text on 9 keys – typing using 9 keys. Smartphones also use the T9 system, although it may have a name. The essence, however, does not change – the system tries to predict what word you are trying to type, for example:

This feature can be disabled in the settings..

Example based on Samsung (TouchWiz)

Go to the settings and find the section “Language and input” (it may be called “Languages”).

Select the current keyboard and click on the gear icon. In our case, this is a Samsung keyboard.

We find the T9 mode and press the switch to turn off the function.

There you can disable other functions if you do not need them. For example, automatic spaces or capital letters.

Example on Android 4.2.2

The method is suitable for most phones and tablets..

Go to the settings and select the section “Language and input”.

Now select a valid keyboard and click on the settings icon.

Next, click on the item “Show fix options”.

Choose Always Hide.