How to disable Talkback on Android?

It is unlikely that the Talkback feature, which is primarily used by people with visual impairment, can be turned on accidentally. No, because for this you need to go into the settings and go deep into the jungle of the menu. However, users are not so rarely talking about enabling this feature – most likely for the sake of interest. What is much more interesting is how to turn off Talkback, is it not so easy to do this? The thing is that when using this function, each action also needs to be confirmed, that is, they clicked on the button, so click on it one more time, which is inconvenient. How to be?

First you need to disable Talkback temporarily – this functionality is provided by modern versions of Android. But first of all, we will show you a screenshot when Talkback is running:

The button that we clicked on is highlighted in green – and it was not we who selected it in the editor, the system did it. Pressing it again will open the Phone application. Pressing the buttons again makes it inconvenient to get to the Talkback settings, so we will go the other way..

Press the volume up and down keys simultaneously.

If at the same time you see a sound adjustment bar on the screen, press still until you see such an image with the inscription “Suspend Talkback?”. Highlight OK and press again to confirm..

The function is temporarily suspended. Well, that’s what we need..

Open “Settings”.

Go to the “Advanced Settings”.

Now tap on the item “Accessibility”.

Here, as you might guess, you need to select the Talkback line.

Push the switch.

We confirm the disconnection of Talkback by clicking on the OK button.

Now the function is completely disabled.

Video instruction

By the way, if you can’t find the Talkback item in the settings menu, use the search.