How to disable the proximity sensor on Android?

The function of turning on or off the proximity sensor is not included in the priority list, so you will most likely not find it on your smartphone. But there are also pleasant exceptions – for example, Xiaomi smartphones based on MIUI firmware. With such a smartphone, we’ll start.

Go to the Settings app using the desktop icon.

Open the System Applications section..

Tap on the line “Phone” or “Calls”.

Here is the “Incoming Calls”.

Turn the proximity sensor on or off as needed.

If your smartphone doesn’t have such functionality, then you are dear to the Play Market. You can search for an application, for example, by the key “smart screen” (without quotes).

Install the application.

Run and grant permission.

In the settings, turn on / off the proximity sensor.

The above application is an example. You can use another application from the Play Market. And remember that some of them do not work without root rights.