How to disable vibration on Android?

Vibration on the phone or smartphone is a very convenient thing. For example, you do not want to miss an important call, but do not want to listen to the melody when the call takes place. What is the best way to proceed? You can use the vibration. True, some users get bored with vibration, and since it is often turned on by default on a device, it must be turned off. Today you will learn how to do it..

An example on a device with a standard Android shell installed. We go to the menu where we find the item “Sound Profiles”.

Choose a profile. In this case, “General.” Click on the settings icon next to the profile..

Uncheck the box next to “Vibrate on incoming calls”.

We do the same with the item “Vibration response”.

We already managed to tell how to remove vibration on the keyboard, including third-party.

An example will be shown on a Samsung Galaxy device. But since Touch Wiz is based on the Android platform, you won’t find much difference compared to another shell. So watch and remember.

Open the settings and find the “Sound” section.

Here, find the “Vibrate on call” item and uncheck the box next to it, as shown in the following screenshot:

It would seem that this can be finished, but do not rush. The fact is that in this way we turned off the vibration only when making a call. Therefore, we follow the menu and look for items that are somehow related to vibration. One of these items is called “Feedback” (vibration when pressing soft keys and performing some actions in the interface). Uncheck.

Looking for more. We find the item “Vibration when pressing keys.” Uncheck.

That’s all.