How to disable WhatsApp for a while on an Android phone?

It happens – I want to spend time in peace and quiet so that no one bothers. Well, or an important meeting is on the agenda, so notifications from the messenger will be very inappropriate. How can I turn off Vatsap messenger for a while on a smartphone?

Internet disconnection

Probably one of the easiest ways – just turn off the Internet.

When you need to be online again, turn on the Internet.

Do Not Disturb

Without turning off the Internet. You can enable Do Not Disturb.

As you can see, the sound of incoming calls and messages, including notifications, will not work (except for priority events).

Just remember to turn off this mode..

Application stop

This means stopping the application. It will stop exactly until you start it again. In this mode, the Internet can also not be turned off.

Open the “Settings” on the desktop.

Next is the applications section..

Choose whatsapp app.

Click “Stop”.

Confirm action.

The application is stopped. To launch it, click on the WhatsApp icon on the desktop.