How to disable Yandex Zen on an Android phone?

Yandex Zen is a personalized news and content feed created by Yandex. The platform was launched in 2017 and is actively developing. So, if before the author could add content only using a desktop computer, now – using a mobile application.

You can see Zen on the main Yandex, and a personal feed is also displayed in some browsers. In this article we will tell you how to disable it if necessary..

How to disable Yandex Zen in Yandex Browser?

We will start with the popular Yandex Browser, where Zen is enabled by default..

Open Yandex Browser.

In its lower part we see a Zen tape. Click on three points.

A menu appears where we select the “Settings”.

We see a large menu in the settings. It is necessary to find the subsection “Personal ribbons” and move the switch “Show recommendation ribbons” from “On” to “Off”. It was:

It became:

Open the start page of Yandex. Browser and see that the Zen ribbon is disabled.

How to disable Yandex Zen in the Samsung browser?

For some time now, the Samsung Browser, installed by default on Samsung smartphones, began to support the Zen ribbon, and now shows it on the main one. Turning off the tape is easier here..

Open browser.

On the main we see the Zen tape. At the top of the window you can find the “Change” or Edit button – click on it.

By default, a check mark is set next to the “News Feed”.

You need to choose either “Most visited pages” or, more simply, “No”.

In the latter case, when you exit to the main browser, you will see that the Zen ribbon has disappeared.

Nothing complicated.