How to disconnect notifications from sites on an Android phone?

Surf yourself on the Internet, go to some site and after a while he offers to subscribe to notifications. Someone signs, someone instead of “Block” clicks “Allow”. In any case, notifications from the browser will come after that. Sometimes they are so annoying that there is a desire to unsubscribe from them as soon as possible. This can be done through the browser..

What browser you have does not matter, so the algorithm will be approximately the same for any of them. In our example, Google Chrome is used, although the instructions are easy to “fit” under Yandex.Browser.

Launch your browser using the desktop icon.

Press the button in the form of three dots.

In the menu, select the “Settings”.

Here you will see a list of a variety of browser settings. We are interested in the one that is responsible for setting up sites.

Click on “Notifications”.

See a list of sites from which notifications are allowed. Tap on the right.

Click on “Notifications”.

Choose “Block”.

The site has disappeared from the list with allowed notifications. Do the same for all the sites you need..

The second option. On the page with the site, click on the “Clear and reset” button.

Confirm Data Reset.

The site is removed from the list of sites.

Above, by the way, you see a button for requesting permission to send notifications.

In the case of Google Chrome, it allows you to disconnect all notifications from sites.