How to download video from a tablet or phone to a computer?

Today we consider a question that excites the minds of many users of the Android operating system. Suppose a person shot a certain video using his device and wants to transfer it to a computer. And here the question arises – how to do this? The answer is further.

In fact, it is not difficult to do this, you just need to know a few nuances. If the same iPhone offers a completely closed operating system, although it allows you to download photos and videos, while showing the user only one folder, then in the case of Android, the situation is somewhat different. When a user opens the memory of a USB-connected device on a computer, he sees a lot of folders, the number of which often just rolls over. No need to be afraid to get confused, everything is very simple.

Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. Go to the “Computer” and see the connected device.

Go into it and look for the DCIM folder. Please note that you need to open the folder of the internal memory of the device, and not the USB flash drive, if one is present (there is one caveat – about it below). Here is the internal memory with the folder we need:

Next, go to the Camera folder.

Here we see photos and videos. Please note that in your case the file icons may be completely different, but this does not matter.

Select the files you need and simply copy them to the desired directory. There shouldn’t be any problems with this..

Another important point. If a flash card is installed in the tablet or phone, then the folder for saving photos and videos can be selected independently, including on the card. therefore, if you record a video on a card, then it will be there exactly – in the directory that you selected.