How to enable charging percentages on Samsung?

Almost all Android smartphones do not use a percentage of charge by default. Why? Apparently, this is somehow connected with Google’s policy regarding Android (the operating system belongs to the largest search giant in the world). Or maybe it’s something else. In any case, the user must “set” interest on their own. How to do it if you have a smartphone from Samsung?

Here’s how, by the way, the percent-free charging icon looks like:

The instruction is suitable for smartphones based on One UI: A10, A30, A50, S10, etc. Open the Settings app

Go to the section “Notifications”.

Tap on the line “Status bar”.

Turn the “Show percentage of charge” switch to the “On” position..


Video instruction

And this is the instruction for TouchWiz firmware. Open “Settings” using the icon of the same name, which is usually located on the desktop.

Select the Display Section.

Click on “Status Bar”.

The item “Show percentage of charge” is off. Turn it on by pressing the switch.

Like this:

We look in the status bar, we see the charge level in percent and enjoy.

Instructions in case anything fails. Open the settings section, look at the top of the window – here you will see a search bar.

Click on it and indicate the search word “percentage” (specify without quotation marks). And immediately the desired menu item is displayed.

It remains only to click on it and turn on the function.

So simple.