How to enable dark theme in Google Chrome on Android?

A dark theme appeared for the Google Chrome browser (version for Android). The ability to change the theme became available in the spring of 2019, but at that time a dark theme was included only through advanced browser settings, which is not very convenient. In the fresh version, the ability to change the theme appeared in the main settings.

The first thing to do is update the version of Chrome, so start the Play Market, specify the query in the search google chrome and update the application.

If the Update button is missing, most likely you are using the latest version of the application.

Launch browser.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

A small menu will open, select “Settings”.

Here you find and tap on the line “Themes”.

Next, select a dark theme (Dark Mode). In our example, you can also use the option when a dark theme is turned on together with the power saving mode.

When choosing a dark theme, we see instant changes:

Everything is working.