How to enable dark theme in Play Market?

On a general wave of fashion in one of the updates, the Play Market received support for a dark theme. Not many users know about this, although there is no secret here. It is also worth noting that there is no separate button to enable this mode – at least at the time of writing. How then does this mode turn on?

It’s simple: if your smartphone and firmware supports a dark theme, then Play Market will automatically use a dark theme. Let us show an example on a Samsung smartphone, the firmware of which supports a dark theme. And do not forget to update the Play Market if it does not automatically update..

First, we swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom so that the quick access menu appears. In it we find “Night mode” and click on the icon.


Next, open the Play Market.

Voila, the dark theme works, and in all sections.

If you turn off the dark theme for firmware, the Play Market will switch to normal mode.

Everything is simple.