How to enable Google account synchronization on Android?

Today, users prefer to link phone numbers to their Google account. What for? This is convenient: if necessary, the numbers are automatically transferred to another device, you should attach a Google account to it. Just to make this work, you first need to enable synchronization with your account. By default, it is turned on, but some users turn it off – sometimes by accident, sometimes unknowingly. We show how to enable synchronization on a smartphone. And remember that this function allows you to synchronize other important data such as calendar, Gmail, etc..

Find the “Settings” icon on the desktop and click on it.

Next, open the “Accounts” section. It may have a different name: “Users”, “Synchronization”, etc..

Choose a Google Account. If you do not see it in the list, it means that it is simply not tied to your smartphone – tie.

And here is what we see:

Autosync of everything and everything is disabled. To enable it, you need to turn the switch opposite each item to the “On” position. Question: for what points should this be done? Answer: depends only on your needs. You can include something separate like “Contacts”, or all at once. Let’s do it – turn on all the items at once.

Now click on the “Sync” button. In general, synchronization should happen automatically, but it is better to click on the button to force synchronization. Here’s what data synchronization looks like.

And yes, all this should happen when the Internet is connected. You didn’t forget to turn it on?

If you forgot, alas, nothing will work, so turn on faster.