How to enable NFC on a Honor smartphone?

NFC is a thing! No, seriously – a useful feature that greatly simplifies our lives. For example, with its help it is easy to check the balance on the account of the Troika card for travel in public transport or to pay for a purchase in a store even without using a card. This article describes how to enable NFC on Huawei and Honor smartphones..

The first option is the easiest – use a curtain. Call her and press the NFC button.

Button color changed, function enabled.

And in the status bar we see the corresponding icon – you can use.

There is another option, but it is not so convenient. Open Settings.

Go to the “Device Connection” section.

Click on NFC.

Turn on NFC with the switch.

The corresponding symbol in the status bar indicates that the function is on.

Please note that the last screenshot also displays a contactless payment application, if it is already used on the device.