How to exit the Play Store on Android from my account?

What may be the need to exit my account in the Play Market app? Honestly, the reasons can be counted on the fingers. Well, let’s say the user needs to clean his smartphone and he decided to exit the Play Market. But this is Android, and here it is done a little differently. How exactly, you ask??

The Android operating system is owned by Google – so you see so many Google applications on the device. All of them are interconnected by a single account – for ease of use. And it’s really convenient – once you tied the smartphone to your account and automatically logged in to all Google applications. But just in order to exit any particular application, you need to untie your account from your smartphone, that is, it turns out that you are kind of leaving all the applications – this is not too convenient. In addition, do not forget that if you use a Google account as a phone book, then the numbers will disappear with the account, which, however, will not prevent you from linking the smartphone to the “account” again and return your numbers.

Go to “Settings” using the same name icon, which can usually be found on the desktop.

In the menu, find the section with accounts. On most firmware it is called that, although, sometimes, there are exceptions.

Now you need to click on your Google Account. It’s called.

Find the “Delete” button and click on it. In our example, it is located at the bottom of the screen, but there are also variations when, in order to find it, you must first additionally click on some additional button like three dots in the upper or lower part of the window.

Now click on the “Delete” button.

Video instruction

An interesting point: if your device has protection for unlocking the desktop, then it will be offered to disable protection (relevant for the latest versions of Android). Confirm and enter the password that is required to unlock the desktop.

Upon successful password entry, the “Accounts” section will open with a missing Google account, which indicates that the account has been deleted from the phone.

The final touch is the launch of the Play Market. If he asks to enter the account, then everything turned out.

Are there any other ways to exit the Play Market and your Google account, respectively? there is.

Log in to your favorite browser..

Enter the address, after which you will be prompted to enter data from your Google account. Enter login and password.

When you get to your account, open the tab “Personal data”.

Find the item “Password” and tap on it.

Most likely, the system will prompt you to enter your password again to confirm.

Now set a new password for your account, you need to do this twice.

After changing the password, you should log out of your account automatically on all devices. Play Market will show something like the following:

If you see a page asking you to enter the “account”, it means that you have successfully untied your account from your smartphone.