How to exit the recovery menu on an Android smartphone?

As you know, menu recovery is a special smartphone boot mode, with which you can install updates, other firmware, connect to the device using a desktop PC, and much more. It happens that a user opens the Recovery menu by accident. How does this happen? For example, in a bag, the smartphone restarts and, when mechanical keys are pressed with other objects, the menu recovery may be loaded. How to get out of it?

The first option is to select Reboot or Reboot system now.

Press and in this case, the smartphone restarts, and it will be loaded in normal mode.

The second option is Power off or Power down. This item means turning off the smartphone, that is, after turning it off it will not be turned on by itself.

This is the standard recovery menu, which somehow looks a little different on most smartphones. And remember that moving along it occurs using mechanical keys to decrease or increase the sound, and confirmation, as a rule, is carried out by pressing the on / off button. But there are other versions of recovery.

For example, TWRP is a menu where you can navigate by tapping the screen. You need to select “Reboot” or Reboot depending on the language used.

Video instruction

Xiaomi has its own menu and in it to reboot the smartphone in normal mode, you must select the Reboot item.

Or Power off to turn it off.

In general, even if the recovery interface of your smartphone’s menu is different, you can exit it by selecting Reboot or Power off in the menu.