How to find a file on an Android phone or tablet?

Android is an operating system that has a file system. The file system contains a wide variety of files, including photographs, video and audio recordings, archives, folders with applications, etc. You can see the same photos using the Gallery application, whose icon is usually located on the device’s desktop. But what if you need to find a file by name or a folder with music?

For such cases, you must use the file manager. If you open the Google Play Store, you will see a large number of various file managers for every taste, including paid and free. Which application is worth using is up to you. We show file search using ES Explorer as an example..

Download the file manager if it is not installed (some firmware has a built-in file manager) and run it. In the screenshot we see two memory cards: one internal memory (device memory), the second is the memory card installed by the user.

Select the desired section, for example, internal memory. Go to the section and see the folders. So, in the DCIM folder all your photos are stored, and in the Music folder – music (there are exceptions, be careful).

If you need to find a file by name, it’s easier to use the search. Click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the name of the file you want to find..

Please note that folders with system files are available only if root rights are granted.