How to find a lost phone at home if it is turned off?

Phones and smartphones are small devices and losing them at home is easy. The most common example: put the device on the sofa, then the dog came, played on the sofa and the smartphone disappeared. This is where the question arises, how can I find it.

However, if the phone is turned on, then no problems will threaten you and the search will end as quickly as possible – just call your own number. Even if vibration mode is turned on, you can still probably hear the vibration in silence. But what if the phone was turned off or simply disconnected due to a low battery?

We are looking for a phone with an alarm clock

The easiest way to find a lost phone is with the alarm that was installed on it. Why? Even if you call your phone that is disconnected, you will hear something like: “The subscriber’s device is turned off or is out of network coverage”.

In the case of the alarm clock, the situation is different. The fact is that the alarm goes off even if the phone or smartphone is turned off. As soon as the right time arrives, the device turns on and the alarm sounds. So, you just need to wait for the moment when the melody of the alarm clock starts to play. Device Found!

Interviewing home

If the alarm clock is not set or there is still too much time before it turns on, start interrogating your household. It is possible that someone saw your device, for example, on the couch, after which it disappeared without a trace. In this case, it is worth examining the sofa and the place around it. Maybe the phone just fell for furniture.

Very often young children play with phones, and finding out where they shared it is often very difficult. We need to explore the places where the kids could take him. For example, in a corner with toys.

In general, it is worth examining absolutely all the places in the house where the phone can be. Even the most incredible, in your opinion.

The same applies to pets, as they could unknowingly hide the device away from your eyes. There are cases when dogs hid owners’ smartphones in a bowl with their food. Fiction? Rather, the truth of life.

We use a metal detector

It is believed that with the help of a metal detector that reacts to various metals, you can find a telephone. At the same time, you need to remember that the metal detector reacts to various metals, which means that when it is used, it can produce a lot of sounds to nearby metals.

Another thing is that units have a metal detector at home. And it is not clear how the metal detector acts on a smartphone or phone – for example, it can suddenly disable? In theory, there should not be any problems, but how the phone will behave in practice, one can only guess.

How in the future not to lose your phone at home if it is turned off?

The surest way is to attach a special keychain that makes a sound as soon as someone claps their hands or whistles. In this case, you can always find a missing device in your home..

What does not help?

Using services to find a lost phone. So, in the case of Android, this is the Android Device Manager service. By itself, the service will help to find the location of the device, but not on the scale of the apartment. In other words, you will see its approximate position on the monitor screen and nothing more. This method is good if the phone is lost on the street or it was stolen, but if it is at home, then it makes no sense to use the service.


We advise you not to despair and seek, and search as best as possible. There are cases when people did not find their lost devices, bought new ones, and after a couple of months they found old phones in an apartment somewhere under the bathroom.