How to find IMEI on the phone?

IMEI is a number unique to each device. It is used in mobile phones of WCDMA, GSM and IDEN networks, as well as some satellite phones. Formed from the English International Mobile Equipment Identity, which translates as “international identifier for mobile equipment”.

IMEI is a device identification number, which is also used during network authorization and even allows you to find and block a device when it is stolen.

It’s very easy to see the phone’s IMEI, it doesn’t matter which company your device is, be it Samsung, Sony, LG, Alcatel, iPhone, etc., since there is no difference in this case. There are no special differences in the firmware, be it Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

There are several methods to learn IMEI. Let’s start with the simplest.

First way

This is the most convenient way for the device owner, since all he needs to do is just type the code on his smartphone or phone * # 06 #. As soon as the user dials the specified number, IMEI will immediately appear in front of him. This method is supported by the vast majority of devices, including iPhone.

Go to the Phone app.

Enter a code * # 06 #.

Here we have two IMEI:

Why two? The phone uses two SIM cards and two IMEI it needs to register each SIM on the network. If you have a single-sim device, IMEI will be one.

How to learn IMEI on iPhone? Similarly: enter the desired combination and see the result.

IMEI in front of you.

Second way

Find IMEI through the phone menu. To do this, go to the settings.

We find the section “About the phone” or “Information about the phone” – usually it is the last in the menu, or the penultimate.

We see IMEI.

Above is an example based on Samsung, and this is how the page on a Huawei smartphone looks like:

Third way

IMEI can be found on the box from the phone. This is usually a sticker located on the back of the box. It looks something like this:

Fourth way

IMEI is also located on a sticker that can be found under the phone’s battery. Of course, you can use this method only if it is possible to remove the battery, and many modern smartphones have no such prerogative.

If 2 SIM cards are supported, the IMEI on the sticker will also be two.

Fifth way

IMEI is indicated in the warranty card by the seller when selling the device. This option is suitable if, for example, the phone is stolen and there is no box. Please note that IMEI is not always indicated on the warranty card..