How to find out the battery capacity on an Android smartphone or tablet?

Suppose you need to know the battery capacity of a smartphone or tablet. The question arises – how to do this? There are at least a few ways that we will tell you about now..

If you just need to find out the battery capacity of your device, and the battery is non-removable, the easiest way is to go to the same Yandex.Market, find your device model, go to the characteristics and find the item “Battery capacity”.

You can also use a third-party application. One of these applications is CPU-Z – a great free utility that displays various information about your device, including battery capacity. You can find this information in the BATTERY section:

As you can see, the application shows the same 3200 mAh, as the manufacturer indicates.

For a more accurate calculation, you can use another application, for example, 3C Battery Monitor Widget. As you discharge, you can observe the current battery capacity, however, you will have to start from the level of capacity that you specify (it is possible that the actual battery capacity is lower or even higher).

And how to measure the exact battery capacity? To do this, use special measuring instruments. For example, KCX-017 – a USB tester with a function for measuring battery capacity or its analogues.

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