How to find out the Bluetooth version on an Android phone?

This is rare – the user needs to find out the version of Bluetooth for his mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. Theoretically, you can take advantage of the characteristics indicated on the box from the device, but practice suggests that the manufacturer does not always indicate this information. How to be?

In fact, everything is not as bad as it seems. Even if you could not find this information on the Internet, it is hidden in the version of your processor, so the first thing you need to know is the processor model. This can be done using the same characteristics. For example, we used Yandex.Market, where these data are indicated:

If you did not find such information, it does not matter, the application from the Google Play Market will help you. We will show an example on the CPU-Z utility – one of the simplest and most popular among other applications.

Install the application, run it, and in the very first SoC tab you will see data on your processor. In our case, the processor MediaTek MT6582 is used:

Decide on the processor. What’s next? Next, take the processor model, open your favorite search engine and write something like “bluetooth processor model” or “processor model specifications” (“MediaTek MT6582 specifications”). Please note that you need to specify the request without quotes, quotes in this case are used to highlight requests.

As a result of the search in this case, we got to the Wikipedia website, where the indicated version of Bluetooth for our processor is 4.0.

Not a very convenient way, but it works. If you have any other ideas on finding a Bluetooth version, you can share this with us in the comments..