How to find out the IP address of an Android phone?

Suppose you need to find out the IP address of your smartphone or tablet based on the Android operating system. The question arises – how to do this? There are several ways, while you can find out both the internal and external IP addresses.

What does an internal address mean? It is also called intranet or local, it belongs to a special range that is not used on the network. Similar addresses are required for use on local networks..

What does an external IP address mean? And this is a unique network address of a node in a computer network built over IP, and in this case, the global uniqueness of the address is required.

How to find out the internal IP address?

The first thing you do is connect to the Internet. Open settings.

Next, look for the section “About the device”, “About the phone”, “About the tablet”, or “Information about the phone”, as in our example. Typically, this section is at the bottom of the menu..

Now click on the item “Status”, it may also be called “General Information”.

Here, find the string “IP address” and see the internal IP address.

How to find the external IP address?

For this, the easiest way to use the Internet.

Launch browser.

Open Yandex, write my ip address or my ip and click “Find”.

Voila, right in front of you you will see your current external (public) IP address.

Another way

You can download the IP Tools application. Download, install, launch and immediately see all the information about your connection, including external and internal IP. Very comfortably.

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