How to find out the release date of a phone / smartphone?

Sometimes the user needs to find out the year of manufacture or the specific production date of his smartphone. The reasons can be different, most often the user is just wondering when this event occurred. You can find out the release date of the device, only it is not always possible. Consider several ways.

The easiest way to do this is on the sticker on the package in which your smartphone was located. Often, the manufacturer indicates the exact date of production of the gadget on it (year and month, sometimes day).

Here, however, there is a minus – some negligent sellers can change the sticker, indicating a different date on it. However, this is unlikely.

For smartphones, you can try to “break through” the release date via IMEI. Follow the link and indicate the IMEI of your smartphone:

In column Est. Date of Range Issuance see the release date of the batch of smartphones:

The date is not shown for all smartphones, unfortunately.

On some devices, including Samsung, the phone’s release date can be found using the serial number, it is located under the battery and in the device’s settings.

6 and 7 digits from the end indicate the month and year, respectively. However, as practice shows, this method, if it works, is only for old phones, in new smartphones the numbers do not converge.

For SonyEricsson phones, the sticker under the battery is relevant. It has numbers like 10W35, where 10 is the year of manufacture, and 35 is the 35th week of production.

There are special codes for phones:

  • For Nokia: * # 92772689 # or * # 0000 #
  • For Samsung: * # 8999 * 8378 # or * # 0206 * 8378 #
  • For SonyEricsson: * # 7377466 #