How to format a memory card on an Android phone?

There are times when you need to format the memory card used on the phone. The reasons can be different: incorrect display of files, “brakes” when starting applications, etc. Formatting the memory card may solve the problem. Today we will show you how to format the card directly on the phone. This method is simple and convenient for the user, since not everyone has the opportunity to connect a memory card to a computer and use it to format.

On your Android phone or tablet, find the “Settings” section and open it.

In the settings we find the subsection “Memory”.

Here we will see information on the available space both in the phone memory and in the card memory.

We lower the page down until we see the item “Clear SD card”. Please note that this action deletes all data from the memory card, including photos and music! If you agree to delete these files, tap “Clear SD card”.

Once again, confirm the action by clicking on the button.

Once again.

The memory card is being erased. After that, formatting will be done. It usually takes only a few seconds..

So simple, you ask? Yes, everything is that simple. No further action is required from you.