How to get out of Contact on Android?

The VKontakte mobile application has a number of different nuances. For example, if on the desktop version of a social network we see the “Logout” button, which will allow us to deauthorize the site, then in the case of a mobile application, everything is far from simple.

Exit VK

The procedure itself is simple, just see once to remember it.

We launch the application. There is a menu on the left side of the screen (swipe from the left frame to the right side). In it, select “Settings”.

You will see a page with subsections in front of you. In its lower part there is a subtle “Exit” item – this is exactly what we need. Click on the “Logout” button and the account is deauthorized.

Second way

If for some reason the above method does not work, there is another way out of the situation – by deleting the VKontakte account from the settings of your tablet or phone.

Go to the settings and find the “Accounts” section there. In my case, I immediately see the available accounts, in your case, you may need to go to the “Accounts” section. In fact, it does not matter. Go to your VK account.

Here we see our account – that is, our name and surname. Click on them.

We see the following picture.

In the right part of the screen, click on the button of three points, and then select “Delete account”.

Account deleted from device.

Please note that with this operation you delete the account exclusively on the device, the VKontakte account itself will not be deleted.