How to get out of Gmail on an Android phone?

Notice that as soon as you log into your Google account on your smartphone, does the Gmail app start sending you email notifications? And the thing is that Google applications on Android smartphones are “tied” to your account. So if you decide to sign out of Gmail, you’ll have to sign out of your Google account. Inconvenient? Alas, this is the policy of Google, which, in fact, owns the Android operating system. Moreover, it is just convenient. It’s inconvenient only when you have to delete your account from your smartphone, since you exit all Google applications. Well, still want to get out of Gmail on your device? Then follow our instructions.

Open the Settings app using the desktop icon.

Next, find the “Accounts” section. On separate firmware it may be called differently, for example, “Sync”.

Tap on google here.

And click on the “Delete” button. If you can’t find it, look for additional buttons (usually in the form of three dots) and in the additional menu that opens, you can see the desired button.

Confirm account deletion. Explanation: it will be removed (untied) only from your smartphone, it can be tied to the device again (this or any other). And one more thing: the phone numbers associated with it will be deleted along with the account, but they will be restored when you link the account to the smartphone again.

If desktop protection is installed, you will need to enter a password or use a fingerprint scanner.

The absence of a Google account in the list of accounts indicates that you successfully completed the task.

If you logged into your Gmail account through a browser, then you do not need to delete the account from your smartphone, because in this case you can only log out of your Gmail account. Open the mail home page in a mobile browser and click on the “Menu” button.

Scroll down and click on the “Full” button. If the inscription is small, you can zoom in on the screen with your fingers.

Zoom in again and tap on the “Exit” button in the upper right corner.

Out of mail.