How to hide a folder on an Android phone?

Imagine that you urgently needed to hide some files, for example, photos, on your tablet or phone. How to do it? You can transfer files to a folder, and the folder, in turn, make it hidden. To do this, you need a file manager. We will use the ES Explorer application.

We launch the application. Let’s say that we will create a folder on a memory card, so select this file section.

Once in the section, we see a list of folders.

Now we are not interested in them, so go to the application settings.

In the settings, select “Display Settings”.

We put a tick next to the item “Show hidden files” and go back to the file section.

Here we see some hidden folders. Push the button in the form of a plus sign.

Select “Create Folder”.

Give the name of the folder. There are important points. Firstly, the name of the folder should begin with a period, and secondly, the name should be in Latin, for example:

Click OK and you will see that your folder is hidden, although now you see it. Open the folder and transfer the necessary files, for example:

Next, open the same settings and now uncheck the option “Show hidden files”.

Go back – the folder is hidden.

Agree, a very convenient and easy way so that you can hide the folder with its contents. You can make it visible through the settings or renaming it by removing the dot at the beginning of the name.