How to install a game with a cache on Android?

Have you ever noticed that when downloading some games from the Play Market online store after they are launched, the system automatically downloads files from the network, which takes some time? Do not worry, this is a completely understandable phenomenon. Here is what the user can see on the screen of his device (pay attention to the bottom of the screenshot, which shows the process of downloading additional files):

What is downloading your phone or tablet? The fact is that the size of the installation file downloaded from the Play Market is usually small and most often its size does not exceed several tens of megabytes. However, after launching the application, the system may begin to download the necessary textures, videos, audio recordings and other files necessary for the full launch of the game (without them, it will start, but you won’t be able to play it). This applies only to those applications whose cache is not embedded in the installation file.

If for some reason you are not downloading the application from the Play Market online store, then, in addition to the APK file, you will probably have to download the so-called cache for the game.

What is the cache, our site has already told. Recall that these are the very structures of videos, audio recordings and other files that are described above. They need to be installed independently. We’ll say right away that it’s not difficult to do this.

What to download?

So, you decided to download the application, let’s say, from some forum. Why do not you use Play Market, it’s up to you.

If we are talking about some simple casual, then most likely you do not have to download a separate cache. Just download the apk file and install. It’s simple here.

If we are talking about some action game that takes up more than 1 gigabyte of memory, the cache will have to be downloaded with a probability of 99.9%. You can find it right there – along with a link to download the APK file. Please note that if the size of the APK file is usually up to several tens of megabytes, then the cache can weigh hundreds of megabytes.

Actually, here are the two files that we downloaded to the computer: the APK file and the cache. The latter is archived – it should be so. In some cases, the cache may consist of several archives..

Copy the APK file and cache to the device

Now we proceed to the most important thing. First of all, we connect our device (it can be a smartphone or tablet) to the computer using a cable.

We go into our device. A very important point: you can transfer the APK file to any folder on your device, it is located in the device’s memory or on the memory card. You can even transfer the file to the root of the device’s memory. In our case, we created a folder called APK and moved the installation file there.

With cache transfer, things are much more interesting. The fact is that the cache must be installed only in the section that is prescribed in the instructions (look for it on the download page for the APK file and cache). As a rule, sections on the memory card are used: sdcard / Android / data / or sdcard / Android / obb, although in some cases there may be other ways. Be careful and don’t mix anything up.

Before you copy the cache, be sure to UNZIP it, otherwise nothing will work. Only after unpacking, transfer the folder with the cache to the desired section on your device.

In our case, we transfer the cache folder to the sdcard / Android / data section.

What happens if you move the cache to another folder? Most likely, the game will be launched, but it’s all the same – you still won’t be able to play it, since the matter will not move beyond the screensaver. Sometimes the game still starts up, but there may be, for example, problems reflecting textures. Therefore, you must strictly follow the instructions.

If there is no memory card, you can try installing the cache folder in the same section only on the device itself (Internal memory / Android / data / or Internal memory / Android / obb /). This works, but not in all cases..

By the way, if there is no obb or data folder on the memory card yet, you can create it yourself. Just be careful, as it can be created, just hidden from view..

Application installation

Now install the APK file. How to do this, we already told in the next article. It’s simple: start the file manager, find the APK-file, tap on it with your finger and install.

Carefully read the instructions for installing the application. The fact is that in some cases after installation the game cannot be started right away – the device needs to be rebooted and only after that it is possible to launch the application.

If the cache is installed in the desired folder, then the game will be launched, while the application will not download any files from the network. You can completely turn off Wi-Fi.

In fact, nothing complicated, but in some cases, the game may still not start. This may be due not only to the folder into which the cache was mistakenly transferred, but also to the type of processor – some of them are rarely supported, so you won’t be able to play, alas.

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