How to install apk file on Android from computer?

In order to install applications and games on your Android phone or tablet, you must use the Google Play application. However, the creator’s policy also implies another way to install applications – directly from the device. To do this, download the apk-file, transfer it to the device and install. This is for users who cannot connect to the Google Play Market. Therefore, today we’ll talk about how this process generally goes.

What we need:

  • The device itself (smartphone or tablet).
  • The apk file downloaded to the computer (for this you can use the famous forum).
  • File manager installed on your device.

What’s next? And then we connect our tablet or phone to the computer using a USB cable and wait until the device appears in the list of devices. There he is:

We go into our device and select the memory either on a flash card, if available, or in the device itself – it depends only on your desire. For example, select the main device. For convenience, create an APK folder in it and put the downloaded apk files into it.

Please note: if the application comes with a cache, you need to install it along the path specified in the description. What is the cache, we talked about earlier.

Files were on the device. Now we can disconnect it from the computer (and you can not disconnect it) and open the file manager on the device. In our case, “ES Explorer” is used, but you can use any other, up to the built-in file manager in your firmware, if any. We go into the device section, find the folder where you transferred the file, open it and see the file (or files).

To install the apk-file, you need to tap on it once or twice, depending on the file manager, and select “Install”.

If you see the message “For security purposes, the application is blocked from unknown sources on the device”, click on the “Settings” button.

You will be taken to the “Security” section. Check the box next to “Unknown sources (allow installation of applications from unknown sources)”.

If everything is in order, click “Install”.

Next, you will see the permissions that the application receives. Be careful: if the application can call or send SMS messages, it is quite possible that it was created to steal funds from the subscriber’s personal account, since the same SMS messages are sent in such a way that the device’s owner will never guess about it, while his personal account will slowly emptied, because these messages are paid.

After the application is installed, you will see a notification on the screen.

Everything, nothing more is required of you.

How to install apk file on Android without file manager?

Not all users have a file manager on devices, so installing apk files is a nightmare for them: after all, it is believed that without a file manager, nothing can be installed. This is not true! You can and should use a browser to install the apk file – it’s definitely installed in your firmware.

So, launch any browser and write the following phrase in the address bar: file: /// sdcard /. This will open the file system of your device.

Next, go to the desired folder. In addition, you can immediately register the path to the desired folder, for example, file: /// sdcard / APK / – a folder with files opens.

Well, then – a matter of technology. Click on the apk file and install it. In our case, however, when you click on a file, it is downloaded. Then you need to call the curtain and in the curtain again click on the file to install it.

In any case, it will not cause problems for you.

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