How to install the navigator on your Android smartphone for free: step-by-step instructions

A huge number of applications in the online store Play Market is free, including navigators of many companies. If you want to install a navigator on your touch device, we will show how to do it. The only problem that awaits you is the choice of application, because there are a lot of them.

Yandex.Navigator will be used as an example in this article: the application is free, constantly updated, has a lot of functions, etc. In short, a decent choice. You can use any other navigator to your liking, the installation process will not change from this.

On the desktop, find the Play Market application and launch it.

In the search we write “Yandex navigator” (without quotes).

Or just a “navigator” if you have not decided on the choice. In this case, the choice will be huge.

Well, before us the page of the selected application opened. Click “Install”.

The application is downloading. How long it takes depends, as a rule, on the speed of your connection..

After downloading the data, the installation of the application will begin. You are not required to do anything, the whole process is automated.

How to understand that the application has been installed? On the screen you will see the “Open” button, and next to it – “Delete”. Of course, we will not delete anything, but rather we’ll launch the navigator.

Actually, this is the end of the installation, so you can start using the navigator without forgetting to accept the license agreement.

And after reading some important data.

Navigator is running.

Do not forget to give him permission to the location data of your device, otherwise the data will not be so accurate.

Search by the button below.

When the address is selected, click “Let’s Go”.

And everything, then follow the instructions of the navigator.