How to make a black and white screen on an Android phone?

In fact, this mode is called monochrome. Why is it needed? It is believed that using the monochrome mode, eyes are less tired when using a smartphone. Is it really? Everything is very, very individual – someone monochrome mode really helps to make life easier. We will show how it turns on on an Android smartphone.

This function is hidden in the “For Developers” section, so if you don’t have it turned on, it’s time to do it.

Open the Settings app.

Find the About Phone section..

Tap on the line “Build number” 7 times. There are rare exceptions when you need to tap on other points (in the MIUI firmware from Xiaomi, you need to click the same 7 times on the line “MIUI version”).

You get the message “You have become a developer!” – It is done.

The “For Developers” section appears on the menu. Open.

If the menu is off, turn it on.

Find the subsection “Hardware-enhanced visualization” (it may be called a little differently like “Hardware-accelerated visualization”). In it – select the item “Simulate anomaly”.

Tapping on the line “Monochrome mode”.


The mode is turned off in the same way..