How to open a profile on Instagram?

Many users of the social network Instagram close their profile. In this case, only users added as friends can see photos in the account. If you forgot how to open the profile on Instagram from your phone, we will remind you where and what to click. There will be two ways to open an account – through the application and through the browser.

How to open a profile on Instagram from an Android phone?

Let’s start with the app..

Launch the Instagram app from your desktop..

Click on the icon that is highlighted in red in the screenshot below..

Here, tap on the button in the form of three stripes.

See the “Settings” button? Yes, yes, now you need to click on it.

Before you – a small menu in which you need to select the item “Confidentiality”.

The next step is “Account Privacy”.

Your account is closed. Press the switch.

Then confirm that you want to make the account publicly available..

Your account is open.

Video instruction

Opening a profile through a browser

If you go to Instagram through a browser, then it’s still easier.

Go to the site with your username and password, click on the icon, which is shown in the following screenshot.

Now – on the gear, this button will open the settings section.

Tap on the line “Privacy and Security”.

Here you have checked the “Closed profile”. Click on her.

Confirm action.

Account has become open.

If you wish, you can close it in the same way – if necessary.