How to pay for purchases with an Android phone?

Contactless payment is becoming increasingly popular all over the world – now you can use your smartphone as a payment card! And, no less important, it is very convenient, since there is no need to carry bank cards (several cards can be attached to the device). Yes, and there is no need to enter a card PIN code. True, in order for this whole thing to work, you will need to perform some simple actions. As an example, we will use a device based on the Android operating system. And another important point – your smartphone must have an NFC module for payment.

Install Google Pay

The most popular payment application at the time of writing is Google Pay. We recommend installing this application and do not forget to update it.

Open the Play Market. We hope that you are already authorized in the application store (this will require a Google account).

In the search bar indicate the request “google pay” (without quotes) and press the enter button.

In the list, select the application of the same name.

Click “Install”.

What’s next? But nothing, just wait – the application downloads and installs automatically. When the application is downloaded and installed, the “Uninstall” and “Open” buttons will appear. Click on the latest.

Adding a Card

On the application start page, you will be asked to add a card for contactless payment. Click on the “Configure” button.

Or go to the “Payment” section and click on the “Payment Method” button.

Now put the card in the frame, or enter the card data manually. Plus, you need to specify the card expiration date and security code, and also your phone number. If everything is done correctly, you will see a list of conditions that were established by the issuing bank. Read and accept the terms..

Card checked.

The data has been verified, now the question is whether desktop protection is installed on your smartphone. If not, you will have to install it – for the security of your money, since debiting is possible only after unlocking the screen with a password or, for example, using a fingerprint scan. On the network, you can find messages that Google Pay works without protecting the desktop, but is it really so, we can’t say – without our unlocking the application does not allow you to pay for the goods.

Confirm the card details, for which the system will send you a code in an SMS message that you will need to enter in a special field.

The specified map is used by default..

You can snap other cards.

As for banks, all major banks have long supported contactless payment by phone: Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, Sovcombank, etc. See the full list of partners here (the link is current at the time of writing).

How to pay for purchases with a phone instead of a card?

It is necessary that the terminal in the store supports contactless payment. In fairness – terminals without contactless payment support are not so easy to find today.

Unlock the smartphone screen. If it is a password or pin, enter it.

Or use a fingerprint scanner.

Then turn on NFC, you can use the curtain.

Now attach the smartphone with the back of the case to the payment terminal and wait until a checkmark appears on the display, indicating successful payment.

You will also hear a distinctive sound..

Why should a smartphone be applied in this way? The fact is that the range of NFC is extremely small – only a few centimeters. And this is not a whim, but a necessity – so that there is no way to intercept data. The NFC module is usually located under the back cover in the upper or middle part of the case, therefore it is recommended to attach the smartphone to the terminal just so that payment is received.