How to put a photo on a contact in Android?

All modern smartphones allow you to add a photo to a contact in a notebook. This is very convenient: when making a call, you do not need to read the name of the subscriber, just look at the photo. Today we’ll talk about how to add a photo to a contact in an Android phone.

An example will be shown based on TouchWiz (Samsung), but on other firmware the photo is added almost as well. Watch and remember.

Open the contacts and select the desired user. Let it be the first contact in the notebook.

So we got to the contact page. To add a picture, you need to click on the user avatar.

You will see a small menu. By clicking on the “Take a picture” item, the “Camera” application will open and you can take a picture, which will then be used as a photo for a contact. By clicking on the “Image” item, you can select an existing photo on your phone. We will choose the second option – “Picture”.

Here we see a list of folders and pictures in them. Choose a folder with pictures, then select the image itself by tapping on it.

Next, you can crop the selected photo or select the desired item in the image. Then click on the Finish button..

On the contact page we will see the selected and cropped image. To delete a picture, click on the pencil icon.

In the contact settings, tap on the photo, after which a menu will appear, with which you can delete the image or replace it.

That’s all.