How to put the password for the application on Honor or Huawei?

If you often transfer your smartphone into the hands of another person, it makes sense to take care of setting a password for some applications – of course, if there is a need for it, but as practice shows, such a need arises very often. We’ll show you how to “ruin” an application on a Honor or Huawei smartphone.

Open “Settings” using the application on your desktop. If there is no inscription on the application, then look for such a gear here:

Go to the “Security and Privacy” section in the menu.

On the next page, find the line “Application Lock”.

Enter the password twice.

And select the applications you want to block – move the switch in front of their name.

In the example above, we set a password for the Gallery application. We go to the desktop and click on the icon.

The system asks you to enter the code that was specified earlier. If fingerprint unlock is installed, you can use the scanner.

You can remove the password from the application in the reverse order..