How to reboot Huawei / Honor phone?

Ask yourself – how often do you restart your smartphone? And hardly remember when they did it the last time. Let’s say more – many do not even know how the touch device restarts. And if this is not necessary, then why know this information? Alas, sometimes you still need to restart your smartphone. How to do this with Huawei or Honor?

Standard reboot

Everything is simple here: press the power key and hold it on the order of 1-3 seconds.

A small menu appears on the screen. In it you need to select the “Restart”.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

How to reboot a Huawei / Honor phone if it freezes?

If your Honor or Huawei smartphone freezes and does not turn off, the screen does not respond to clicks, you must use a different reboot method. Which?

Press the power key and hold it for about 10 seconds (pay attention to the screenshot above – this is indicated at the bottom of the screen) until the display goes off.

The smartphone will restart in normal mode.

If for some reason this does not work, you can try the following combination: volume up + off keys.

Or – sound reduction + off keys.

And if one of the last two ways helped you, that is, when you press and hold these keys, the screen goes blank, immediately remove your finger from the buttons so as not to load an additional mode (recovery, for example).