How to reboot Samsung phone?

Many users do not restart smartphones for months, or even years, simply because there is no need for this. However, sometimes it still arises, and the question arises – how to do it? Let’s show an example based on Samsung smartphones.

If we talk about the standard reboot, you need to do the following: press the power key while the screen is on, until the menu appears.

From the menu, select “Reload”.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

How to restart Samsung if it freezes?

If the smartphone suddenly freezes or the screen does not respond, then you will have to use mechanical keys to reboot.

First of all, try the following combination: press the mute and mute keys at the same time, holding them until the display goes blank. This may take about 10 seconds, in some cases longer..

An important point: as soon as the display turns off, immediately remove your fingers from the keys so as not to load an additional mode (the same recovery or Odin mode). This applies to all of the options below..

The smartphone will restart automatically.

If it doesn’t help, use other options: either turn off + increase the volume.

Or press and hold the power button.

If your Samsung smartphone has a mechanical Home key, you can press and hold it + the mute and mute keys until the smartphone restarts.

And do not forget to remove your fingers from the buttons when the screen goes blank!

If your Samsung device has a removable battery, you can do it easier – remove it for 5-10 seconds and reinsert it again.

If the download does not start, turn on the smartphone in the usual way – by pressing and holding the power key.

We hope this simple guide helps you..