How to recognize a video accelerator on an Android device?

If you like to play games on your Android phone or tablet and download the cache for them, then you probably came across a situation where several types of cache were available for one game – for various video accelerators. To understand what kind of cache you need to download specifically for your device, you just need to find out the name of the video accelerator. How to do it?

In fact, finding out the model of the video accelerator is simple, but for this you will have to use a special application, which you can download from the Google Play Store. We will look at a few of them..


One of the most popular applications that allows you to find out the technical information about your tablet or smartphone is CPU-Z. Distributed for free.

Launch the application and on the SOC tab find the GPU Renderer item – the name of the video accelerator will be written opposite it.

System info droid

Another application that allows you to see the technical characteristics of the device. It features an unusual interface.

To see the model of the video accelerator, click Graphics processing unit and in the Model column you will see the name you need.

Droid Hardware Info

Another very interesting and at the same time convenient application for viewing information about tablets or smartphones.

Launch the application and select the “System” section. In the “Graphics” section under “Rendering Tool”, you will see the name of the video accelerator.


There are plenty of similar applications on the Google Play Store. Almost all of them are free and how to use it, it’s up to you.