How to remove a card from Google Play Market?

A bank card is probably the most popular way to pay for apps and subscriptions on the Play Market online store. The card is attached to the account and you can no longer enter data from it to pay for the content. But this is just not like for some users who want to remove the card from the account.

How to untie a card from Google Play Market?

Follow this instruction.

Turn on the internet.

Open the Play Market app on your smartphone.

Click on the button that you see in the screenshot below..

The Play Market menu is in front of you. Select “Payment Methods” in it..

At the top of the page you will see the last digits of the linked card, and you need to click on the line “Other payment settings”.

A page will open in the browser at – yes, the map is being deleted. Enter your login – the one to which the card is attached.

Then you need to specify the password for your Google account.

Upon successful input, a page with the added map will open. Click on the “Delete” button.

It remains to confirm the action by clicking on the appropriate button.

Video instruction

The map has disappeared from the list..

There may be other payment methods, but in our example they are not. If the system requires you to add another bank card, this indicates that you have subscriptions to some applications, and therefore the card is not deleted. Unsubscribe in the same section in the Play Market and try deleting the card again – this will help.