How to remove a phone number from the black list on Android?

In smartphones, there is a so-called blacklist for phone numbers, which allows you to block incoming calls from a particular subscriber. We have already told you how to add a number to the black list. Today we’ll talk about how to remove him from this list.

If the number is on the black list, then you have already added it there and you need to know how to extract it. If you don’t know, we’ll show an example for two devices – on stock Android and on Samsung’s TouchWiz firmware.

We remove the phone number from the emergency on Android

Go to the “Contacts”.

We find the desired number, which was blacklisted. In our case, it is “Kont4”. Click on it.

We appear on the contact page. Click on the menu call button (in our case, it is under the screen). A menu appears. In it, uncheck the item “Direct blocking”.

That’s all, the number is no longer blocked.

How to remove a phone number from the blacklist on Samsung?

In the case of Samsung, the situation is different..

Go to the Phone app.

Select the “Logs” section and press the button to open the menu. When the menu appears, click on “Call Settings”.

Next, select the “Reject Call” subsection.

Click Black List.

Find the number here, check the box next to it, and then click on the trash can icon.

Confirm number deletion from emergency.

The number is no longer in the black list, which means you can receive calls from it.