How to remove an application or game on an Android phone?

We received an interesting question from George. He asks us how to remove a game from an Android smartphone? Dear George, it really doesn’t matter what you use – a phone or tablet, a game or any other application to remove from the device as easy as shelling pears.

There are several ways. Let’s start with the simplest one, since it does not require an Internet connection.

First way

Find the Settings icon and tap on it.

Once in the settings, find the “Applications” section. Go into it.

You will see a list of all installed applications. Find the one you need and tap on its name.

Click on the “Delete” button. After a few seconds, the application will be completely removed from your device..

Second way

In this case, you will definitely need an Internet connection, since we will use the Google Play application.

Launch the application and swipe left to right from the left frame so that the menu appears. Select the My Applications and Games section..

On the installed tab, you will see all the applications that were installed on your smartphone or tablet. Find the application you need and tap on its name.

Once on the application page, you will see the “Delete” button. Click on her.

Confirm the deletion, after which the application will be deleted completely from your device.

If you don’t see the “Delete” button, then this is an application built into the firmware and you can only delete it using root-rights. In some cases, such an application cannot be removed at all, as this can lead to problems in the operating system.

Third way

You can also use third-party programs to remove applications. For example, there is an excellent program Uninstaller (“Uninstall”) from the company Rhythm Software. It is very small and does not require additional rights. Go to Google Play, download the application, install and launch. You will see a list of applications in front of you. Select the ones you need (their names turn yellow) and click the “Delete selected applications” button, which is located at the top of the screen.

Next, confirm the removal of each application.


About how to remove applications that are not deleted, we talked a little earlier.