How to remove an application that does not uninstall on Android?

This can happen to everyone – when you try to remove the application, it turns out that it is impossible to remove it. And in this case we are not talking about the built-in application in the firmware, which cannot be deleted without root-rights, but about the most ordinary one, which you installed on your device.

For example, some time ago we talked about how to reboot a device based on Android OS and showed an application called Volume Unlock there, thanks to which you can turn on the device by pressing the volume up button. When working, the application receives administrator rights, so there is no easy way to remove it. And here is how it looks – we will show clearly.

We go into the settings and find the section “Applications”.

Here we see a list of applications. Choose the right one (in our case – Volume Unlock).

And what do we see? That’s right, the “Delete” button is inactive.

If you encounter a similar problem, it does not matter, it can be solved. To do this, go to Google Play and type in the search the word “delete” (without quotes) or uninstaller. Select an application from Rhythm Software and install it. This is an extremely small free application that does not even require additional rights.

After installing the application, open it and see a list of all installed applications. We select the desired one by tapping it once, and then click on the “Delete selected applications” button, which is located at the top of the screen.

We agree with the removal and we see a window in front of us that says: “It is impossible to remove the package, because he is selected to administer the device. ” Click “Administration Settings”.

A window opens, in it we uncheck the application.

In a new window, disable administrative rights for the application by clicking on the “Disable” button.

After that, we get to the application page and see that the “Delete” button is activated.

We click on it and the application is deleted.

Of course, this way you can remove virus applications that cannot be removed in the usual way. Root rights are required to remove system applications..

Second way

For this method, we thank the user with the nickname Android, who in the comments suggested a less complicated method of removing such applications. He talked about another method that requires USB debugging. A user with the nickname Valery said that you can use this method without debugging USB, for which he thanks. Nevertheless, we are showing an example with USB debugging just in case. You are advised to immediately open the “Security” section (see the last three screenshots) and if this does not help, try turning on USB debugging.

Go to settings. Find the “About Phone” (or “About Tablet”) section here..

Next, tap on the build number 7 times – this way you will open the developer mode that we need (in detail – here).

After opening this section, it will appear in the settings:

Go into it and check the box next to “USB debugging”.

Next, in the settings, click on the “Security” section and find the item “Device Administrators”.

Here you will see a checkmark on the application, which is not removed in the usual way..

Just uncheck, then click “Disable”.

Now the application can be deleted in the usual way..