How to remove contacts from a broken phone? Simple instruction

Imagine that a person broke the screen of his Android smartphone and now wonders how to deal with contacts. It’s not worth worrying, because the system is designed in such a way that losing contacts is quite difficult, as you can see from our article.

Contacts are tied to a SIM card

Few people tie contacts to a SIM card, most users prefer to use the same Google account. And yet, if this is exactly your option, we can only congratulate – rearrange the SIM card to another smartphone and import numbers from it.

Contacts are tied to your Google account – method one

If the contacts are tied to a Google account, you don’t even need a broken smartphone – just go to your Google account from a new smartphone.

Connect to the Internet, then go to settings.

Open Accounts.

Next – “Add Account”.

Select Google.

Enter login from your account.

Then password.

Accept Google Terms of Service.

Account tied to smartphone.

Formally, the contacts should appear in your new smartphone in a short time, usually it takes no more than a couple of minutes – as soon as the account is synchronized with the servers. But just in case, you can open a Google account. Make sure contact sync is enabled. You can also synchronize them manually by clicking on the button of the same name.

Contacts are tied to your Google account – method two

In fact, the method mentioned above should be more than enough, but there is another option, which involves transferring contacts to a computer, and then to the phone.

Open site, enter the login and password from your Google account to which contacts are linked.

A list of contacts opens. Click “More” and then – “Export”.

You will be prompted to save the file. Choose Google CSV and save.

Next, transfer the specified file to the system of your smartphone. You see something like this file:

Click and confirm the import, preferably in your Google account.

If everything is done correctly, you will see a list of your contacts.

Once again, we confirm our choice – if the smartphone is tied to a Google account, it is better and easier to use the second method.