How to remove Google search on Android?

For those who are not yet in the know, Android belongs to the Internet giant Google and for this very reason we see so many Google applications on devices based on this operating system. For example, Google search string. For the Internet giant, it is extremely important, because a user who works on a smartphone begins to use this particular search engine. Users who find this line bothering often don’t know how to remove it..

Here’s what the search bar looks like on the Samsung Galaxy:

Fortunately, on most modern smartphones and tablets, the removal is very simple: click on the search bar and hold it until the basket appears. Move the line to the trash and it will be deleted from the desktop.

But on some devices based on Android 4.4, this will not work. You can try the following. Go to settings and find the section with applications.

Click the Everyone tab and find the Google Search app.

There are two buttons – “Stop” and “Disable”. To get started, try clicking on “Stop”. If that doesn’t help, then click “Disable”. In our case, it was the second option that came up. True, the line itself turned gray, but it did not disappear from the desktop, so we had to reboot the device.

But after rebooting the device, we did not find the search bar on the desktop.