How to remove SuperSU from an Android phone or tablet?

SuperSU is a manager for Android devices that have root rights. SuperSU gives the user advanced access control for superuser rights to applications on the device that need root. If you already have the SuperSU application installed and you want to remove it, you have come to the address.

How is the removal?

SuperSU removal occurs through the application itself.

Find SuperSU and open the application.

Select the “Settings” section..

Find the item “complete Root removal” and click on it.

Next, confirm the action by clicking on the “Continue” button.

Root rights, like the SuperSU application, will be deleted, unless, of course, you use a kernel that automatically returns root rights.

Is it possible to remove SuperSU through the “Applications” section? If SuperSU is used, then this will not work, because you will not see the “Delete” button, instead of it there will be a “Stop” button.

Therefore, we recommend using the first option.