How to remove the desktop on Android?

Almost all launchers and firmware support a huge number of desktops that a user can create. Another thing is that using, say, 10 desktops is not easy – you have to look for the right application for a long time. It is more convenient to group applications and place them in folders. In this case, the question may arise – how to remove extra desktops?

In fact, removing unnecessary desktops is very simple, but you need to remember that some firmware do not support removing desktops at all! However, these are rare today.

Take TouchWiz firmware on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as an example. To remove the desktop, you need to make a pinch on the screen (yes, put your fingers on the screen and make a pinch). You will see the following picture:

These are desktops. To remove one of them, just drag the desktop onto the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

The desktop is removed along with the application shortcuts (the applications themselves are not deleted).

Everything, nothing more is required of you. By the way, instead of pinching, you can use a long tap on the desktop or double tap on the screen, depending on the firmware or type of launcher.

On other firmware, the scheme may be different. For example, to create a new desktop, you just need to move the application shortcut to the side and the desktop will be created automatically. In order to remove such a desktop, you first need to remove all application shortcuts from it – either transfer them to another desktop, or simply delete.

In this case, the desktop will be deleted automatically. Please note that in some firmwares it is possible to delete applications immediately from the desktop. If you transfer the shortcut to the trash, the application is also deleted with it. If this is your case, the shortcuts need to be moved to another desktop, not delete them.