How to remove the lock screen on an Android device?

By default, Android phones and tablets (and not only on them) use a special lock screen to avoid accidental taps on the display. But in some cases, the lock screen is unnecessary. Can I turn it off?

Of course. Now you will see how to do it right.

Android firmware

Go to your tablet or phone settings and find the Security section here.

In the “Security” section, click on “Lock Screen”.

Select No here..

What does it mean? After you turn off the lock screen, you will not need to unlock your device. To do this, just turn on the device screen by pressing the power key. This method is convenient if you use your device, for example, at home..

TouchWiz firmware (Samsung)

Go to settings and find the “Lock screen” section..

Here you will see the “Screen lock” item, click on it.

Select “No”, as in the previous case..

Screen lock is disabled. To enable the lock, you need to do the same thing, only in the reverse order.