How to remove the screen lock password on an Android phone in the settings?

Not so long ago, our site talked about how to set a password to unlock the screen of a smartphone or tablet based on the Android operating system. If for any reason you need to remove the password, you can do this through the settings. We will show the procedure from beginning to end.

Please note that this instruction is relevant only for those cases when the user knows the password and can unlock the desktop. About cases when the user has forgotten the password, we will talk another time. An example is shown on the basis of a Huawei smartphone, but in general the instruction is universal, therefore it is suitable for other Android smartphones.

If you click on the power button of the smartphone, you will see this:

Next, do a swipe on the display and you will be prompted to enter the password for the desktop. Point it out.

Next, open the settings.

Find the “Lock Screen and Passwords” section..

Click on “Password”.

Enter the password to unlock the device again. Next, approximately the following page opens:

Choose “No” or, as in some cases, “Swipe across the screen.” After that, the password will be removed..

Please note that if, for example, a fingerprint scanner is also used to unlock the screen, it will also be deleted..

What if a graphic key is used?

There is no difference, it turns off exactly the same.