How to reset Samsung phone to factory settings?

When there is a need to reset to factory settings in the case of a smartphone? For example, you want to see the device exactly as it was at the store when you purchased it (in a programmatic sense, of course). Often, a reset is necessary if the smartphone does not work correctly: freezes, slows down, hangs, etc. – In such situations, dumping may help. How to reset data (Hard Reset) on a Samsung smartphone? Now show.

Reset Samsung smartphone using the menu

Open the Settings app using the desktop icon.

Find the General Settings section..

Click on the line “Reset”.

Here you find the “Data Reset” item, tap on it.

You see a message about what data will be erased from your smartphone when reset. The list is quite long. If you need to save any information, make a backup first (save a copy of the data on another medium).

At the bottom of the page there is a “Reset” button. Click on her.

The last step remains, but here you need to stop and find out the following: if the smartphone is tied to a Google account, then after resetting the data, the system will ask you to enter a password for this account. What is bad here, some users ask? In general, nothing, but if you forgot the password from your Google account and cannot recover it, then unlocking the smartphone after resetting is possible only through the service center! Therefore, we recommend that you untie your account using this instruction. In addition, if the smartphone is tied to a Samsung account, you will need to enter a password for this account – reset is not possible without this action. If you don’t remember the password, use the recovery instructions.

If you are ready to reset, click on the “Delete All” button. The smartphone will reboot and data cleaning will begin. When the cleaning is completed, the smartphone will boot in normal mode. Resetting may take some time depending on the amount of data available in memory.

Reset Samsung Phone Using Buttons

You can also reset using the menu recovery. The method is relevant if, for example, the touch screen does not work.

The smartphone must be off. If the device is turned on and it is possible to turn it off, press the on / off key and hold it until the menu appears on the screen.

Tap on the “Shutdown” button.

Confirm action.

The smartphone is turned off. Now you need to start the recovery menu. Depending on the model of smartphone and Samsung firmware, this can be done in different ways. In our case, the S8 model is used, which means that you need to hold down the power, sound increase and Bixby keys simultaneously, holding them until the smartphone turns on.

Then release the power key while holding the volume up and Bixby buttons until you see something like the following:

And on the Samsung Galaxy A50, on which there is no Bixby key, it is still simpler – the power and increase keys. On older Samsung devices – keys to increase the sound, turn on and “Home”.

Then you can observe the following picture:

You do not need to click anything – the menu recovery should load. Using the sound keys, navigate the menu and select the Wipe data / factory reset item using the power key.

Then move to Yes and confirm the action. The reset will begin. Of course, all unsaved data will be deleted..

At the end of the process, select Reboot system now.

The smartphone will restart in normal mode.