How to reset to factory settings on an Android phone (smartphone)?

The Android operating system has a lot of chips, many of which users are not even aware of. For example, with just a few tapes on the screen of his device, the user can return the phone or tablet to its original form, that is, the one in which he came from the factory or at the time of installing the firmware. Thus, a system reset occurs. It is necessary if, say, the device began to slow down or simply fail. Today we show what needs to be done to restore the factory settings (or reset the settings, which, in general, is the same thing).

Via interface

This method is the easiest and most user friendly. I would like to immediately note that such a function is on any Android-based device, but in the menu this item may be in another place. Do not worry, you will not get confused.

An example will be shown on the example of “clean” Android.

Go to settings.

In our case, “Recovery and Reset” is a separate item. Click on it.

Here we see a few additional subsections. Do not touch them. Now we are only interested in the “Reset Settings” item, which you need to click on.

In front of you you will see the added accounts to the device (for example, in addition this can be a VK account). At the bottom of the screen is the “Reset Settings” button. Before clicking on it, you can check the box next to the item that will help to clear the memory card, if any. Whether you need to check or not, you decide, but remember that then all the data from the card will be deleted. Of course, the data will also be deleted when the settings are reset, so make a backup copy of the files you need.

Finally, confirm the reset.

Restore factory settings in the second way

This method, in our opinion, is more relevant for advanced users, since resetting will not be carried out in the usual way – through the Recovery menu.

To enter the recovery menu, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off your gadget.
  • Hold down the volume up or down button (depending on your device), then press the power button.
  • As soon as the device turns on, remove your finger from the power button, while continuing to hold the volume key.
  • Wait for the recovery menu to load.

Management in the recovery menu is carried out with the help of buttons, and not with the help of taps on the screen.

Find the Wipe & Reset section (or something like that – the designation in the menu may be different), then find Wipe All Data, select and wait for the cleaning to happen. Then reboot your device and, voila, all settings are reset.