How to restart Android phone? Different ways

If the smartphone started to fail, for example, a certain function does not work, in most cases the easiest solution to this issue is to reboot the device. In this article, we will show how to reboot your Android smartphone, including in the event of unusual situations..

An ordinary reboot is as follows: press the on / off key and hold for one or two seconds.

Release the key as soon as the menu appears on the screen. From this menu, select “Reboot” or “Reboot”.

How to restart Android phone if it freezes?

But this is a completely different matter..

Android smartphones can freeze, and the number of freezes depends on a variety of factors: the model of the smartphone, its firmware, installed applications, etc. That is why some owners of smartphones do not know at all that smartphones can freeze, while others encounter this problem periodically. So, what should be done if the Android smartphone still freezes?

You will be surprised, but on some very old devices you can find a separate Reset button! In the future, manufacturers refused it – in favor of cheaper production: why do we need a separate Reset button, if you can use existing mechanical keys?

The first way is the easiest. All that is required from the user is to press and hold the on / off key of the smartphone for about 10-20 seconds until the screen goes blank. In some cases, you have to hold the key for longer – up to a minute, but this is an exception.

Also note that in the above case, the smartphone may not start to reboot on its own, if it turns off, such situations occur. To turn on the device, press and hold the on / off key.

The second way is to press and hold the sound reduction + on / off keys until reboot.

Or – sound increase keys + on / off.

How to reboot an Android phone without a power button?

We turn to one of the most unusual cases that users may encounter – a reboot of the smartphone if the on / off button does not work.

The all-powerful Plya Market will help here. Open the application using the desktop icon.

In the search bar, write “reboot the phone without a button” (without quotes).

Choose an application from the list to taste. There are applications that need root-rights, there are without.

An example of such an application.

When you start, you immediately see a report of the time until the reboot.

For this example, you need root rights, without them, rebooting does not work.